Sara Bareilles performed with Carol King at the Grammys and I cried. I do love that song of hers, Brave. Lola and I dance to it. And I love me some Carole King. You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face / And show the world all the love in your heart But the reason why I cry is because of what happens immediately after the performance. It’s not captured in any of the recap videos posted anywhere but I remember it. Sara Bareilles wraps her arm around Carole King’s waist. Carole King drapes an arm around Sara Bareilles. And then, this is the moment, Sara Bareilles gapes at the audiences and does a little happy dance. And you know…

…she just lived a dream.

I saw this happen, too, to Ben Harper at Radio City Music Hall. He went off the mic and sang acapella. You could have heard someone crossing or uncrossing their legs in that concert hall, as if anyone was even moving. He walked to the edge of the stage and just let it loose!!! He held onto that last note, slowly raised an arm, pointing one finger and when he lost his air and ended the note that arm came slashing down and he hopped around the stage as the music swelled.

He just lived a dream, I thought.

Fully present, in the moment, and aware of the awesomeness of what just happened.

This one’s a little unexpected. It doesn’t make me cry, but it does make me laugh that ugly laugh. And, also, surprisingly, a little sad. I am obsessed with Jenny Slate. I won’t bore you with all her credentials, and the fact that I knew about her way before anyone else (because I did and I am one to brag about inconsequential stuff like that) but she’s like an indie alt-comedy goddess dreamboat. This video is everything. I think it makes me so happy, and a little sad, all at the same time is because I covet that kind of belly-laughing loss of control (and I don’t mean peeing a little in your pants. Well, maybe I do. A little). You can tell these two friends, comedy partners, are committed. They are in it.

In all of these moments, these people are courageously putting themselves out there, taking risks, and it’s paying off. And they are realizing in the moment “holy sh*t, this is that moment…that moment I dreamed of…I’m here…now…”

This so important as we deal with all the emotions and physical toll of being entrepreneurs that we find those moments that are true triumphs. They don’t have to be these earth-shaking breathtaking dream-making moments. But, if you look at them through the right lens, they all are, aren’t they?

Being present to all of it. Being able to belly-laugh with your best friend and watch it go viral simply because you’re being real and wacky and bold.

That, to me, is living the dream.

So tell me, what’s a recent triumph you might have overlooked that you’re now willing to celebrate? What would make you do the happy-dance, ala Sara Bareilles (I finally learned how to spell her last name.)

Also, what’s the latest thing you saw online or off that really made your chest tighten, or your heart swell, or your toe tap? Please share it so that we can all be inspired and joyful alongside you?