How to Start by Being Featured in

Online + Mainstrem Print

Getting featured is super exciting and great for biz. Here's why...

You're a go-to source when you're being interviewed for your expertise by someone else.

Journalists and writers are on the hunt for excellent sources who "get" what they need to do their jobs.

If you can snag the opportunity, it's less work than writing your contribution yourself.

You can guide the direction of the piece but ultimately it's not up to you, which can be scary, but also freeing.

Some Basic "Get-Started" Tips: 

  • Become a fan of a particular writer or reporter's work and interests. Following them on social media is a great shortcut and a good way to get to them initially.
  • Keep "service" top of mind; demonstrate in your pitch how you can help the interviewer deliver excellent content that's of interest to her audience
  • Come up with and offer three-or-so story angles about which you can confidently comment 
  • Distinguish yourself and your business by showing how you are at the forefront of an emerging trend in your industry

Click to grab a template to pitch yourself to be featured

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