Kelly Roach is a consultant and a business growth coach…she works with businesses at all stages of the process. She’s the host of Unstoppable Success Radio, where she interviews business owners and gurus on their precise tactics and habits…She’s all about solutions and action, mindset and productivity.

She also strikes me as someone who is very focused and proficient. She’s a former NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Exec…who moved up the ranks very quickly…

She’s also committed to giving back — she started a non-profit called Campaign for Humanity, which supports our global family with things like clean drinking water, help for veterans, and food for those in need.

In this interview, she reveals:

  • How she quickly climbed the corporate ladder only to find she’d compromised her health, quality of life, fitness goals…so she needed to reassess
  • How she used her values to help her make important decisions in her business and how her business has led to self-awareness
  • What she did when she realized she wasn’t happy even though she reached the pinnacle of success in her corporate career
  • Her best tips for creating relationships — through even “old school” tactics
  • Why her podcast has been a major entree to prospective clients
  • How she established her track record scoring media opportunities including podcast and radio interview and other benefits she’s found from doing a lot of media
  • How you can let yourself off the hook when it comes to the speed at which you’ve been able to grow your business (P.S. How long did it take you to get to the highest point in your corporate career?)
  • And, a personal favorite topic of mine, how she balances mindfulness and self-care with running a business and pushing the machine forward


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