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Create and Promote
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In Your Business

Thursday, October 4, 2018

2-7pm NYC


I am so glad that I decided to join your workshop....it also my eyes to the idea of media and stretching myself in that direction to become more visible.

Jill W. - mindset and empowerment coach for women

Do you feel great in your business but you're ready to bring in new revenue from new services you're really excited about?

Does it feel like your clients are running your business? You're doing the work THEY want. Not what you want.

Are you wasting tons of time writing proposals and recreating the wheel  for every new client?

Do you feel like you're just not connecting? No one is buying.

Are you simply bored ,

feeling a lack of inspiration,

doing a lot of one-off work knowing there's a better way to leverage your talent.

There's something different you could be offering in your business...

And more people need to know about you! 

Join us on October 4, 2018 from 2-7 in NYC for the opportunity to

>>> Take a close, critical look at how you're currently working with clients <<<

>>> Streamline your current approach <<<

>>> Create a new offer that's tailored to what your audience REALLY wants and needs <<<

>>> Develop a strategy for visibility and promotion of your new product or service <<<

Look @


current offers

What is working and what's not? Is there a flaw in how you TALK ABOUT what you do? We'll tweak that. Is there something you're doing that YOU DON'T REALLY LIKE anymore? Let's resolve that now. 

Clean up your current services and keep only what works!



the process

Are you working TOO HARD to onboard new clients? Bending your expertise to meet their every need? It doesn't have to be that hard. You can SCALE just by streamlining the WAY YOU OFFER your services.  

Package your services and develop your SYSTEM so you're not working to onboard clients before they're even paying you.




What does your audience REALLY WANT FROM YOU? How can you meet that demand and do more of the work YOU WANT TO BE DOING?

Let's come up with a NEW and EXCITING way you serve clients!




Do you know what opportunities are available to you to bust out of your word of mouth bubble? Do you know how to tell your story to book interviews and contribute as a writer? ​

Map out where you're going to be interviewed or contribute as a writer to build awareness of your new offer! Anything NEW is NEWS!

join us

We will create:
>> Permission for you to let go of what's not working and do more of what is!
>> A simpler approach to offer your current services so you're working less to onboard clients 
>> A new offer you can't wait to tell your community all about
>> A publicity plan for you to get out there with news of your new offer so you're more visible than ever

Inspiring Space

Wine and Snacks

Soulful Collaboration

About me, Amanda Berlin: 

After more than a decade in the New York City public relations world, I like to think I'm now using my pitch powers for good. I help entrepreneurs write their web content, tell their brand story, and spread their message in the media. People who have worked with me have been featured in all types of media — from Business Insider to Entrepreneur on Fire and from WNYW Fox 5 to Bustle.com. I believe we all have something important to say and there are people out there waiting to hear from us! I arm business owners with the tools and strategy they need to go from hidden industry gem to recognizable trusted expert.