Sitting on my couch this morning, I caught a whiff of the air fresheners I replaced about a week ago.  The fresh scent had been in the air for at least seven days, yet I failed to smell it.  I take this as a sign that I need to heighten my awareness.  Awareness of not only the things that exist in my physical world that signify my abundance, but also all the evidence that supports the fact that I am taken care of, I am safe, that I am in the right place.

Yesterday, I was freaking out about money.  Like, freaking.  I checked the mail when I got home, and there was a check for work I’d done a few months ago.  Right there.  Right! There!

Thank you Air Freshener.  I’ll dub this incident the “Fresh Rain” Wake-Up Call.  I am now awakened to everything that is working out in my life and the seen and unseen ways in which I am supported.  I love my life.  And I want to feel grateful.  I am back, now.  I am grateful.