What do you do?What do you do?

Do you sweat when you have to describe what you do to someone in your extended family?

Are you met with blank stares when you throw down a label or buzz word for the work you’re doing?

Does your current elevator pitch require an elevator trip to the top of the Empire State Building?

In five simple steps, create a statement that communicates what you do, and what makes you unique, completely compellingly with magnetic confidence.

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Write your about pageWrite Your About Page: Six Steps to Effectively Telling Your Story

Do you find writing about yourself paralyzing?

Are you an over-sharer? Do you not share enough? How do you know the difference?

Are you lost when it comes to what to include and what to leave out when you’re crafting content  for the most-visited page on your site?

Do you know how to keep people on your site once they check out your ABOUT page?

Your ABOUT page is the most important on your website. But what elements should it contain? What should it say about you, your history, your philosophies and your business? Get your step-by-step guide with prompts on what to include and what to leave out. 

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Clear Mental ClutterClear Mental Clutter

Does your mind ever stop?

Do you have trouble taking even a moment to think, reflect and listen to your gut?

Do you feel like you’re wading through mud, unfocused and confused?

The combination of movement and meditation has slowly but surely transformed my life. And it’s an essential practice for any entrepreneur. We need to be able to hear our intuition — our gut instinct — if we’re going to be able to get creative or make sound decisions in business. Sign up to download this series of guided meditations to make your life less harried and impulsive and more deliberate, productive and peaceful.

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