Learn how to write a pitch podcasters can’t help but green-light and show up as a guest they love, and want to have back on the show again and again!

You know when you hear a podcast interview and you’re psyched because the guest and the host are totally speaking your language and they are holding space for the kind of content you want to hear on air? Yet, you also have that nagging feeling — “That could be me on that show — talking my talk, and getting my name out there!”

You’re in the right place.

I call that the jealousy cue — and we can use it to our advantage just by recognizing that it’s pointing to something (in this case a media placement!) that we really want. It’s also totally possible. If you can dream it, you can be it. You are equipped with the resourcefulness and drive to make it happen.

I’m here just to help you develop the skillset. In this case, the publicity skillset.

So, let’s dive in. This guide features a proven pitch template that WILL help you land the opportunity and the 4 rookie mistakes of newbie guests (and secrets to success/what to do instead).

Go get it! And report back!

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