How do you feel when someone asks, 

So, what do you do?” 

Do you start to sweat?
Does the panic set in?
Do you roll your own eyes at your own tired answe

It's time, my friend!
It’s time to finally feel EXCITED to answer that question.
It’s time to create an “elevator pitch” that actually CONNECTS [read: doesn’t make people glaze over]
It’s time to speak about your business in a way that generates magnetic CONFIDENCE!

The kind of confidence that INSPIRES people to think “I’m picking up whatever she’s putting down!” The kind of confidence that CREATES relationships in the moment.

The kind of confidence that makes people REMEMBER you!

Are you ready? 

It’s time to FIX YOUR PITCH.

How will we FIX YOUR PITCH? 

In short, send me a video with your quick pitch and I'll send you back revisions,  edits, and new ways to talk about what you do so we co-create a pitch you feel GREAT about.

This is for you if you’re:

  • DONE wasting time at networking events feeling misunderstood
  • Ready to show up as the best version of you and be SEEN as next-level
  • TIRED of stumbling over your own words and offering meandering explanations of your work 
  • STRUGGLING to “get it right” and can’t really make new substantial connections because people “just don’t get it”

Let’s work on this together!

I can help you Fix Your Pitch!

Know exactly what you’re going to say no matter the audience no matter the amount of time you have to explain yourself.

Feel excited to connect with new people and filter out the ones who aren’t the exact right fit (clarity attracts clarity!)

Show up prepared and confident, certain people “get it”.

I’ve spent 20 years helping companies (12 years) and entrepreneurs (9 years) craft clear and compelling messages. 

I can help you figure out exactly what to say.

Let's Fix Your Pitch Together

Here’s what it looks like:

1. Click the button below to start your Fix Your Pitch Analysis.

2. Send your pitch via Loom by June 14th. 

3. I will respond to your pitch within 48 hours.

As a bonus, I am including my 'never released' training: 'The Messaging Pyramid'

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