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Share your story in a way that creates relationships. Chart your professional experience in a way that shows you were meant to do the work you’re doing. Write about what you do so that clients can’t wait to get you on the phone.

The “Write Your About Page” tutorial guides you step-by-step on how to craft this copy and get your new ABOUT page up and out this week.

You get Amanda’s insider secrets on how to:

  • Write about yourself
  • Spin your background
  • Write about what you do and why
  • Talk about end game take-aways and results and how you help people

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  • Insight on what your ABOUT page needs to do and the function it needs to fulfill
  • Six key writing prompts to get you brainstorming the essential elements of your ABOUT page
  • A special insert for product-based businesses
  • Guidance on best practices in copywriting
  • A final grab-and-go About Page Composition Worksheet that will help you put your brainstorms in order

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