left out long

You know how you always see women promoting other awesome women’s stuff in their email newsletters, on social media and in their talks and classes? Does it feel like a clique you’re not allowed to be a part of? Do you go to the bad place — the I’m-back-in-ninth-grade-and-I’m-not-invited-to-sit-at-the-lunch-table place?


It just means that it’s time you found your own business soul mates! We’ve entered an era of cooperation, not competition. If you’re feeling left out, check that energy, and find a way in.

I have two business soul mates.

They inspire me daily. They lift me up and remind me why I am doing what I’m doing. They remind me that I’m capable.

Here are four reasons to find your business soul mates and three ways to go about it:

They keep you on task: When you tell someone you are going to do something, it’s much harder not to do it because you know you’ll have to tell them you didn’t do it. And the truth is, your excuses sound so much worse when said out loud than they do when they are lounging around in your head. Mine do, at least. 

They offer you outside perspective: It’s impossible to operate in a vacuum when you’re running a soul-based business. The concepts and philosophies you believe in need to see the light of day and you need to see if they have legs. Your business soul mates are the perfect sounding board.
They give you new ideas: Say it with me: collaboration. They will come up with things you never imagined before. And they will make you feel like it’s possible.
They push you when you don’t believe in yourself: They will knock down that fear monster faster than you could on your own and they will tell you’re being crazy.

Here are three ways to find your business soul mates

Determining who: When decide who might be a potential business soul mate, pay attention to your energy. Yes, follow your gut when it tells you who to court, but also pay attention to the wonky energy around other people. There may be a hidden message in there. The people you are jealous of are those who you might want to actually try to get closer to, because your jealousy should send the clear message that you want to do something like what they are doing. Why not try to learn and form collaborations with someone like that?

Ask: Telling someone you want them to be your business soul mate might sound weird, but saying something like, “Hey, I really like what you’re doing over there and I was thinking about how it might be nice to trade insights and support

Be willing to give: Be willing to be honest. Be willing to admit you’re struggling, or that you’re in need or that you require advice or need reassurance. These kind of relationships work best when there’s a lack of pretense. Be yourself and be open and willing to be touched and changed by the relationship.

So, who are your business soul mates? Can you give them a shout out in the comments below?

If you don’t have a business soul mate yet, what will you do to call them in? What actions will you take?

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