January 4, 3pm NYC


If you're feeling like you're getting lost in the noise...
If your word-of-mouth bubble isn't big enough anymore...
If you feel like the best kept secret, about whom more people NEED TO KNOW...

Then THIS is the Virtual Event to attend in 2021. 

Wednesday and Thursday, March 17-18, 2021 
                                                     12 pm - 4 pm est                                                       

You are a go-getter, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to bust out of that cage. You know you’re an expert. You know you can help people. But do they know about you?


You get a little traction. But it’s not as stable as you would like.
You’re attracting the not-quite-right people, instead of your "hell-yes" squad.
You feel like you are not being seen or recognized for your brilliance.
The people who land on your calendar aren’t totally the right fit.
Your audience has barely grown. You’re exhausted by always talking to the same people.
You tried following all the social media tips and trends, you’ve done the webinars, the courses, the challenges, the trainings, you’ve created ALL the opt-ins...and you’ve implemented the strategies to the letter. But you’re not seeing the results that were promised. You start to wonder, 
“Is it ME!?”

How would it feel to...

Be seen, heard, and understood for your unique brilliance. 
Be known for the transformation you can bring to clients.
Be established with your own squad and feel like you’re on the inside with powerful, supportive allies.
Be connected to all the “right people”.
Be running a business with ease because you’re fully expressed and recognized.
Have all the right people coming to you!

Imagine if things were different...

  • You had a story and messaging you felt GREAT about putting out there
  • You felt totally prepared to go after all the media and speaking opportunities
  • You had a stable of collaborators and allies who help get your work out there in a bigger, more-authentic way
  • You were certain they all want to hear from YOU!

I believe this is possible for you!

Pitch School Live is THE event to be at for 2021!

This is designed for the person who wants to be SEEN, HEARD & KNOWN for their expertise!




If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. But your audience will not fall for you unless you take a stand for something. And that's your rogue message. Let's articulate what you stand for, what makes you different, how you help people, and what kind of advice and support people can expect from you.




Eradicate every story you've told yourself about why you aren't worthy of or can't achieve the level of visibility you know you deserve. We'll unpack your fears (afraid you'll "make a mistake" or "expose yourself to criticism" or, simply, "this won't work...") and help you step into a powerful rogue stance.




One of your biggest struggles might be how to synthecize all the years of your experience and your varied expertise into a cohesive, compelling story. You'll learn the structure for the most compelling brand narratives so you can take it into every conversation you have about your business.




Plan what actions you will take to get out there in a bigger way to serve your business. Not all visibility is created equal. Plot your course to generate the kind of visibility in all the right places that will have the impact on your business that will serve your vision.

this is not another zoom virtual event

We are just as zoomed out as you... but we are digging in and are committed to providing a unique experience for the person who is ready to dig out of the abyss, find her voice, and become an industry leader working with more of the exact-right people.


Actionable Training

Curated Connections 


Breakout Rooms

By the end of this event you can expect to:

  • Step into owning the rogue or rebel you know you are when it comes to doing your work YOUR WAY
  • Free yourself from bring straight-jacketed by all the marketing shoulds or have-tos
  • Unearth all the things that are keeping you stagnant and be done with them for good
  • Create the story of you and your business so you can feel great about how you put         yourself out there and make more substantial connections
  • Learn the four pillars of visibility so you can put yourself out there in a way that creates the results you want in your business

About Amanda Berlin

Hi! After more than a decade in the New York City public relations world, I like to think I'm now using my pitch powers for good. I help entrepreneurs just like you feel confident putting themselves out there, telling their story, scoring collabs and media placements that increase their impact and bottom line. My clients and I have been featured in all types of media — just scroll down.

I believe we all have something important to say and there are people out there waiting to hear from us! 

Now, Im not willing to let you sit still, stay small, or feel silenced any longer. I am not willing to abide the notion that brilliant women like you might not be more KNOWN. 

This is our time. Take up space. Get loud. Be bold. 

Claim what is ours. What we know is meant for us. What we know we deserve

You deserve a business you love and clients who get it; you deserve to feel heard and understood.

The right messages and visibility strategy are the way. Let me show you.

ready to make 2021 your breakout year?


Join us live for the two-day event.
Tickets are limited.


Join us live for the two-day event.
Plus  access to all of therecordings. 


Exclusive access to Amanda 3/18 from 7-8:30pm est & a curated event box specifically for the event.   


Let’s make sure this is absolutely perfect for you, shall we?
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about PITCH School Live. 

What is your refund policy?

We need you to be as committed to your business as we are. There are no refunds. If for some reason you are unable to attend the event, you may transfer your ticket with 30 days notice by emailing admin@amandaberlin.com.

Will there be a recording?

We wil lbe recording the virtual event, however full replays are only available to those guests who choose to purchase the + PLUS ticket for $167. 

Will there be a chance to brainstorm with Amanda?

We just love Amanda's brain too ;) But, if you'd like to brainstorm and create a custom visibility plan with Amanda, grab your VIP ticket.