Laura McClellan hosts The Productive Woman, a weekly podcast about productivity for busy women

She’s a wife, a mom to five, grandmother to seven, and an attorney in a large Dallas law firm. No wonder she talks to women about productivity. Laura was kind enough to interview me in episode 134.

During her “spare time” Laura is polishing her first novel, a winner in several fiction contests.

In this interview, Laura reveals some details that left my jaw resting on my desk. She has accomplished amazing things, made hard decisions, and defied the odds, as they say.

A former foster kid who never considered graduate level education as something that someone like her would do, Laura returned to law school full time and with her husband, moved their family across the country when she got accepted to Cornell as a full-time mother of five.

If that’s not enough, Laura thoughtfully and humbly presents a weekly show to women who are just looking for validation and support in their effort to “do it all.” As a result she’s grown her community, and recently took a different position practicing law so she can grow and support her community even more.

Listen in to this interview to hear about:

  • How she went from not believing and law schools would actually want her to sending the applications anyway and getting in to almost every school to which she applied…then moving a young family from Omaha to upstate New York
  • How the thing she thought was freakish when she was a young adult (reading about productivity and time management) became her secret superpower
  • Some of the best takeaways she’s gotten from interviewing women about how they view productivity and make things happen in their lives
  • How determining what’s important to you is the first step in becoming more productive
  • A deep dive into how to effectively pitch an influential podcast, like The Productive Woman

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