In today’s episode of our PR Wednesday Winsday we talk about why we love all types of local media. This type of media is often overlooked by those of us who are entrepreneurs. You may not realize that it is a terrific opportunity for your business especially if it is online. You may not think you need to reach people locally, however, it can most certainly increase your visibility and is a wonderful way to start to create your media story.

At a time when you may not be ready to be featured on big national TV, print or digital outlets, you will be able to secure coverage on a smaller outlet. One of the biggest reasons is that they need content and they absolutely want to keep it local. They are very open to hearing from you especially if you have an interesting story and they can tell that it will be appealing to their audience. Another reason that the local outlets will be interested in you is that they want “good” news to report as well as the actual news that is happening.

Please listen to today’s episode and get some of our tips on how to pitch local media so that you can start to build your media credentials.

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