Natalie Viglione is an ex-corporate turned small biz owner entrepreneur. She specializes in holistic business consulting, especially honing in on the sales/business development and marketing landscape.
For Natalie, it’s such a rush to help brands shift their status from mediocre or status quo, to one of GROWTH and helping them leap into new territories to get them to new levels. Working cohesively to build, create and forge new paths with ideas made to stick.

In the free time, Natalie is a Board Member with a New York Dance Company, has received her certification for Certified Business, Marketing and Life Coaching. She is a comic book lover, technology geek, an aspiring yogi, loves to write, reads tons of books, and is a lover of cute fuzzy animals.

Hearing about Natalie’s personal background gave me great insight as to who she is as a person. She is certainly someone who has been able to overcome obstacles no matter how hard they are. She is not someone who can do things the way everyone else does and coming to terms with that have gotten her where she is no. She knows she can accomplish anything.

As someone for whom coaching comes naturally, she is certainly great at coaching herself.

Natalie is interested in building a physical community as well as a digital community. She is looking to help those people who are stuck in the corporate world and want to get out. Her goal is to start executing panels that can help people do that.

We discussed ways she can specify her audience that are in the corporate world who are pining to go out on their own in the digital world. We discussed a play on the word “Comm” meaning both communications and/or community.

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