copy-of-new-new-the-pitch-podcast-artFor the next ten days, I will be podcasting about New Year’s Publicity Resolutions. I wanted to do a year end sprint of sorts that would inspire you to put yourself out there in the coming year and truly take a stand for your brand. Over the next ten days I will touch on mainstay publicity topics like your story, finding outlets and contacts, pitch ideas, follow up and nore. These are shorter versions of The Pitch Podcast but are jam-packed with useful information to get you going.

I asked my colleague and friend, Paulina Brusca, to join me so that we could give you double duty on our professional expertise, arming you with everything you will need to know to secure media coverage for yourself and your business, in the coming year.

Paulina has over 20 years of broadcast PR, media relations and video production experience, which includes media tours, segment development, production, distribution and more. She has worked with a wide variety of clients in all sectors including consumer, technology, pharmaceutical, beauty and auto. Paulina loves to produce podcasts and in addition to helping me out with The PITCH podcast she also produces Adventures with Money with Erica Sandberg. Paulina has a lifelong love of the media and publicity.

Today is day one and we talk about Your Story. What’s important about you? How do you know? How to figure out what people will care to know about you? What inspires trust?

I hope you enjoy the series that we have put together for you and will join us for all 10 days.

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