Danielle Hendon empowers business owners to pay themselves what they’re worth and continue to put more profit in their pocket every year. She does this by helping business owners understand what their financial numbers are and why the numbers move. 

Danielle brings over a decade of experience in corporate finance and accounting to small businesses on a scale that fits their budget and their needs. Her education and certification, as a CPA, gave her the technical knowledge. Using those skills on the job, taught her that accounting and finance is about so much more than numbers. It’s about the people. She LOVES numbers…but she has a genuine passion for people.

Danielle started 4 Corners CFO to help business owners take a step back from the burnout, pay themselves what they’re worth, and focus on their joy and reason for serving their clients. Danielle gets the chance to change the world by helping business owners have the biggest impact they can in their community.

In this episode, you will here:

  • About transitioning from an expert into a business

  • Us talk about the challenge of making that decision to join the Pitch to Prominence program in 2021.

  • About Danielle’s redefinition of audience and what it means to have people who are interested in what you are doing

  • How we gently redirected her to activities that were going to connect her with the more of those people

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