Hilary Erickson is the curly head behind Pulling Curls® — which she started in 2005. Hilary has been a nurse since 1997 working in various fields such as pediatrics, geriatrics and hospice. In 2001 she started in labor and delivery and remained working a labor nurse for 20 years. Through the years, Hilary realized she could combine her nursing career and her website and began writing more about health and pregnancy along with helping families simplify their lives.

In 2015 she launched The Online Prenatal Class for Couples — one of the best selling birth classes which finally allowed couples to fit high quality prenatal education into their busy lives. Soon after that she “birthed” The Organized Home — which simplifies organizing for families and then Family Routines, which helps organize the people in families, to allow moms to focus on their own priorities.

In 2019 she launched The Pulling Curls Podcast: Pregnancy & Parenting Untangled which gave her a new voice in helping families untangle the snarls in their day. In 2020, Hilary launched The Pregnancy Nurse ™ website. It gives families real, reliable information on the questions they want to know most about from bump to bassinette.

Hilary lives in the Phoenix area, with her husband and 3 children (some of whom are adults now). She still works on simplifying her own life daily and finds no greater joy than helping families feel more confident in both the delivery room, and their own homes.

In this episode, you will here:

  • About using all the different ways to be visible, to move the needle on driving attention to your online platform

  • Hilary describes her visibility strategy as having “spoons in all of the pots”

  • How she is using TikTok to drive a ttention to her blog


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