Shawna Emerick is a Yoga instructor, Thai Body-worker, and Somatic therapies integrator.

She is a Life Coach for Transformation, is Reiki attuned, and holds a B.S. in Dance. Shawna has been teaching yoga and practicing her healing modalities for nearly 20 years. She has hosted numerous retreats including those at the world famous Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY, and co-facilitated various 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. Currently, she is co-facilitating monthly immersions online, continues in her one-on-one ‘A.L.I.G.N.’ sessions, and will be offering her largest program ever this fall! She comes from multiple lineage lines of heart-centered healers, givers, and hard workers and is grateful, humbled, and honored to be carrying on the traditions in her own unique ways.

In this episode, you will here:

  • All about the power of a simple question in guiding you to embracing more of what you know you’re meant to do even when it’s scary
  • How Shawna put her modalities to work for herself
  • How becoming ourselves also takes a village in addition to raising children

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