Ashley Manzi has two kids and a career as a divorce lawyer. This apparently qualifies her as a working mom. She always hesitates to say “working mom,” because the reality is: “whether you are employed outside the home or not, if you are a mom, you are always working.”

Nonetheless, that’s the label she’s given. She is the mom who is also employed full-time and struggles every single day to balance a career and a family. She’s only five years into this balancing act, but it’s no joke.

After she had her daughter, she went back to work full time. Committed to being the attorney she was before being a mom. Simultaneously committed to being the wife, friend and daughter she was before too. And all the while, also committed to being the best mom for her daughter.

“I don’t have any anecdotal story about the day I realized it was hard. I think I always knew it was hard. I invested in under-eye concealer and kept on keeping on. Since my first day back, over five years ago, I have learned a lot. I added another kid to the mix, made some moves for my career, and often wonder how women have been doing this for so long without talking about it, “ Ashley says.

The balancing act is still hard for her. But her day-to-day struggles have changed over time, and she’s slowly trying to figure it all out. But if the transparency of her struggles can help just one person feel seen and understood, then she says that she will keep writing and keep talking about it. Because the reality she says is “that this idea of work-life balance is bullsh*t and sometimes, it’s ok if you’re not ok.”

In this episode, you will here:

  • How the power of just being real and straightforward allows Ashley to connect with clients
  • How she connected with other moms by writing a blog that she has now transformed into a book
  • About how she has embraced all these various roles in her life and the through lines that make it possible for her to show up as the most authentic version of her in everything that she does

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