Lisa Lehmann Designs (LLD) is a jewelry and fine art studio creating designs that give their customers confidence in their own beauty and inner strength. Everything they make empowers you to express yourself in a unique, authentic way. Their work is centered around artistic expression and meaningful connections. Lisa Lehmann Designs make a fashion statement, but they also welcome you into their community—a place where you can be yourself, meet kindred spirits, and always be sure of one thing: you are worthy of love.

LLD creations utilize simple lines, sexy curves, and amazing, ethically sourced gemstones. Caring for their planet is one of their top priorities, so their studio practices reflect this value.

Professionally, Lisa Lehmann is a goldsmith—an artist who creates handcrafted jewelry utilizing gold and silver.  She also paints, sketches, and creates with passion. Her career began in graphic design. This work allowed her to stay home with her four small children, but something was missing. She wanted to make things, real things, that lived outside of her computer screen. So, Lisa began her adventure in jewelry making. From the moment she first held a torch, she knew she had found her passion.

“I’ve always been compelled to capture beauty. At the end of the day, I hope my art serves others and brings them joy. I see my work as a conduit for connecting with people; for making them feel seen. I believe artistic expression is my God-given talent and I must share that with the world! Jewelry design and fine art are my chosen trades, but it’s the human connections that really make my heart soar.” – Lisa Lehmann

In this episode, you will here:

About all the ways in which Lisa loves being visible on behalf of her business

How she was able to create a powerful community that really helped her get through the most challenging year of her life

Us brainstorming about how Lisa can create more visibility and get herself out there

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