Amanda Edwards is a business mentor, who helps purpose-driven women make more impact and stand out in their industry.

Amanda has led accounts and sales strategy over the past 15 years working in the technology industry, with Fortune 500 Companies. In an industry that is 7% women, she is regularly the only woman in the conference room and has had to learn how to own her voice, establish authority and lead.

She created Imperfectly Ambitious to help women in all areas of business to do things differently… to elevate their mindset and implement intentional strategies that will align their work with their version of success. As a mom of two, managing a career and growing Imperfectly Ambitious, she feels so strongly about being intentional about how we spend our time, and how work and life truly integrate together.

She has created the internationally chart ranking Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast to equip women with tools to help them pursue their own version of success.

Amanda lives in MN with her husband, two young kiddos, and golden retriever.

In this episode, you will here:

  • How we can get away from shoulds by focusing on where our enthusiastic energy lies
  • About how to lean into the things that you’re excited about when it comes to the ways you’re going to be visible for your business
  • How to show up as a powerful, positive impact driven force
  • How doing what you’re called to do will keep you from shoulding on yourself

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