I’m bringing you my interview with Melly Bonita.  

I met her at the home of my dear friend. My friend was hosting and Melly was the stylist at a Stella & Dot party.

It was my first party of that kind where someone presents collection of products for the guests to buy.

I was blown away by her approach, passion, enthusiasm, authenticity and just simply lovely to be around.

She’s a wonderful person and really good at what she does and she’s extremely successful at it.

Melly worked in Public Relations for 18 years, representing consumer brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Kodak and Apple Care. It was during those years that she honed in on the art of building relationships to share a product and its story.

You’ll enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.

In this podcast we talked about:

  • What Melly does when she meets someone new
  • The start-up investment in joining Stella & Dot?
  • What made her decide to leave her job in public relations
  • The personal touch she applies in being a sales person
  • How she developed her own style of selling without being pitchy


You can find Melly on stelladot.com/mellybonita

Her instagram is @mellybonitastyle

She is on Facebook too – facebook.com/groups/MellySDVIP