In this episode, I talk about how to start creating CONSISTENT useful content for your business blog.

I dive deep into my writing history and all the very VARIED aspects of my writing life, from poetry in high school, to journalism in college, to fiction in my 20s…

…to my longstanding commitment to blogging in the mid 2000s and the community I found through that pursuit.

…and my 10,000 hours of practice writing pitches in the corporate world.

I talk about how hard it is to find your voice when it comes to writing in support of your business.

We will also dive deep into how hard it is to create content on a regular basis, why it’s important to serve this content to your audience on an ongoing basis, and finally…

…this episode contains a formula, in not so many words, for developing content for your business.

I’m really excited about this process and I’m excited to dive deep with you and actually get the writing done in my new challenge: The “Write the Rest of Your Year” Challenge. We’ll create a plan for the next six weeks of content and actually execute and WRITE that content in the space of one week. Sign up and we’ll get through this together!