I’m excited to bring you the second installment of “Behind the Placement.”

I’m going to take a deep dive with you into my pitch to TheMuse.com.

We’re going to talk about how I actually wrote that pitch word-for-word and lay it out for you.

I also want to invite you to the 7 Day Send Your Big Pitch Challenge, which started yesterday, September 27, 2017. We are going to walk through every aspect of sending the big pitch you’ve been scared to send.

You can find the details at amandaberlin.com/challenge. Sign-up and be part of this supportive endeavor! See you all there!

In this podcast I talked about:

  • How my pitch for The Muse translated into a relationship that endured over multiple years and multiple published articles
  • One insider secret that will help you place your content on multiple websites with just one pitch
  • A free quiz to get your perfect pitch strategy