Joyce Wan is an award-winning author-illustrator of over 20 children’s book, including the best-selling YOU ARE MY CUPCAKE. She designed her first greeting card when she was in first grade for a city-wide greeting card design contest.

Joyce is also the owner of Wanart–a design studio boutique that features her stationery, books, and gifts products. Joyce hopes to inspire people to embrace the spirit of childhood and follow their dreams through her work.

Joyce shares her journey from being into architecture industry to shifting and following her dream to be an author-illustrator of children’s books.

This conversation came to pass in a cab that I shared with Joyce from Central Park to Port Authority following a charity event we’d both attended. I loved that part of the evening almost as much as the event itself!

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Joyce and I talked about:

  • How she started her career in her greeting card business
  • What made her realize her passion and what was her creative turning point  to shift from an architecture career to being an artist
  • How her does her pitching and what are her ways of effectively presenting her business
  • What motivates her to keep on doing what she does
  • The tactics she uses to gain visibility of her work and how she expanded her network for exposure


If you want to find out more about Joyce Wan you can check her out on

She’s also on social media – @joycewan for Facebook, @wanartstudio Instagram, and Twitter.