Rachel Harvest is a former ballet dancer who has dedicated the past 10 years to being an academic and experiential student of what it really means to live optimally and care for ourselves mind, body, and spirit.

She’s been featured on Fox 5 and in Cosmopolitan and other media to provide her insights on eating well and self-care.

I loved Rachel’s story because she’s forthright and honest and she doesn’t care if you do things her way. She wants you to find the way that will work best for you.

She always says she can give you the science but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t resonate with you. She works with women to find the best possible way they can care for themselves and still feel at ease in their lives.

She’s a disciplined and thoughtful person with a unique perspective on health, wellness, and the nutrition business.

Listen in for Rachel’s take on life after professional dance, what it means to actually “care” for yourself, and the particular challenges that “Type A” women often face.

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Rachel and I talked about:

  • How everything around you nourishes you even if they are helpful or not
  • How danced nourished Rachel not only physically but also spiritually
  • Why weight is not an indicator of your health
  • What Rachel and Amanda discovered in “Type A” women
  • How does Rachel incorporate movement and nourishment into her practice?
  • What is the Harvest Method?
  • Why what you do is not psychological
  • Rachel talks about discipline and why it is one of her greatest skills