Andrea Bemis is the writer, recipe developer, and photographer behind the food blog Her recipes and Tumbleweed Farm have been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Well and Good NYC, and Eating Well Magazine. She lives on Tumbleweed Farm in Oregon with her husband and dog.

Andrea’s book and blog are absolutely gorgeous (she’s the recipe mastermind AND the photographer!) (And she knows, as well as you and I do, that no one is going to make a recipe that doesn’t have a photo with it!)

Her cookbook also has a memoir component, which I love. She makes no bones about how challenging the work is…yet there is still this aspirational quality I can’t help feeling when I read the book…like I wanted to commune with vegetables as she does! We talk about why that happens to we city folk!

She also makes a point of making relationships in her community with the people who are members of their farm’s CSA (community supported agriculture, if you don’t know what this is, listen to the episode, Andrea explains).


We also talk about:

How those gut feelings and epiphanies can lead you to your calling…

The secret to the success of her Dishing Up the Dirt blog, which has made it as important to her and her husband’s business as their farm itself…

She reveals her “how I got published” story…and how being “detached” from the outcome allowed her to call the shots a bit more and stay true to her vision…

And why kohlrabi keeps her going!

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