Jessica Murnane is the creator of the One Part Plant movement (she’s working to get everyone on this planet to start eating one plant-based meal each day), host of the One Part Podcast + The Cookbook Deal (she loves asking cool people inappropriate questions), and wellness advocate (she has a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and works to raise awareness for endometriosis and women’s health issues).

Her media credits run deep. Jessica has contributed to and appeared in countless magazines and websites, including Mind Body Green, The Coveteur, Food 52, PopSugar, and Chalkboard Magazine and has spoken at Apple and Taste Talks. She interviews some of the biggest names in food, lifestyle, and design on the popular One Part Podcast, which landed on iTunes New + Noteworthy after just three weeks. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, son, and lots of palm trees.

This is one of my favorite interviews. I was so stoked when Jessica agreed to be my guest. She’s super prolific and a true artist when it comes to ALL the things she’s done.

Listen in for…

What it takes to manage your whole existence around these dreams-come-true that come your way…

How her blog, podcast, and book were all born of her need to heal

How she connected with Lena Dunham to write the forward of her book, how the opportunity came about, how it disappeared and how it reappeared, due to Jessica’s sheer kindness and support

How she organically, maybe even reluctantly, built her audience by tapping into every contact she knew from every previous career (and there were a lot of them)

How to deal with the complexity of our times and how to be conscious with self-promotion when things are “wackadoo”

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