I am excited to bring you an interview with Cora Spoladore. She lives in Germany and is the most beautiful, thoughtful, loving spirit you will ever meet.

Cora is an intuitive branding coach, a creative director, and an energy healer. She combines all these skills to help women build their entire brand with a heart-centered soulful approach.

She has a highly successful prolific career as a freelancer in the design and branding phase. She has also worked with notable international brands.

Cora is also a world traveler and a jet-setter,

In this podcast we talked about:

  • Who Cora is and what she does
  • What she does for her clients in terms of branding, healing, creative direction and design work
  • The magic formula to create an emotional connection with the product for your audience
  • How to connect with your audience as a human being
  • Cora’s transition from a career of developing brands for corporations to developing her own personal brand and the brands of the women
  • How she has gone from believing that she was bad at relationships with other women to only working with women exclusively
  • Cora talks about how she helps people grow their business through energetic connections

You can find Cora on yourfuturedesign.com

Her Twitter is @coraspoladore

She is on Facebook too – facebook.com/designyourfuturewithcora/