LeAnna Weller Smith is the Creative Director and Designer for All in Together. LeAnna developed the conceptual and stylistic direction of the AIT brand. She continues to ensure that the brand messaging has a consistent aesthetic at every customer touch point across multiple channels.


LeAnna’s art direction and design experience spans more than 18 years, across a range of corporate and cultural clients such as Artisan Books, Workman Publishing, Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure Family Club, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Philadelphia Museum of Art. While her roots remain in the publishing world, LeAnna’s expertise has evolved into the digital realm to meet the needs of her clients. She continues to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry but loves working with smaller companies and passionate entrepreneurs.

Alongside her work at All in Together, LeAnna is the Owner and Executive Creative Director of Weller Smith Design, LLC; a boutique design studio that specializes in creating thoughtful design solutions that reflect the client’s vision and mission. From initial concept to final production, LeAnna provides detailed art direction, education and support to create a unique, customer-focused design experience.

In this podcast you will hear:

  •  How LeAnna became so successful through word of mouth referrals
  •  About her messaging. Who are the people that she proactively wants to go after and what do they need to hear from her
  • How to overcome the struggle of finding the words that will compel your ideal audience to action

You can find LeAnna at:

Her website