Beth Brombosz is literally a scientist. A PhD in Biology, she transformed her career to focus on blogging and fitness.

In 2015, she took several of her posts from her fitness blog and turned them into a book. That book has helped Beth build her expert status and has opened many doors for her business.

Now she has a compelling program that teaches bloggers how to create a book from the content that they have already written.

Listen in for some of her practical tips.

In this podcast:

  • Beth shares her background and how she started doing what it is she does today
  • She shares how she transformed the content on her blog and made it into a book. She talks about: 
  • What she did to become an expert in her field
  • How she uses her book to market her business
  • How she generates visibility for her business and book


You can find Beth on

Her twitter is @bloggertoauthor

She is on Facebook too –