I present to you my interview with Jamie Lieberman and Danielle Liss, the founders of Hashtag Legal and Businessese.

They specialize in helping small businesses that offer services and products in the online space. Jamie and Danielle left the corporate world and found partnership.

These smart, savvy and educated women deal in some best practices around getting your business legal ready. They have real legal expertise and they are a very entertaining, almost like a comedy duo.

In this podcast you will hear:

  • Jamie and Danielle describe what made them leave being traditional lawyers to do something outside the box
  • How the two approached each other and connected to become partners
  • How they communicate the importance of their work
  • The common legal issues that bloggers or influencers face
  • The things people typically miss when drafting a contract
  • What is Businessese and what does “Legal in your fingertips “mean?

You can find Jaime and Danielle on hashtag-legal.com and businessese.com

Their twitter is @businessese

They are on Facebook too – facebook.com/bussinesesese