I’m excited to bring you my interview with Randi Zinn, the author of “Going Beyond Mom” and the founder of beyondmom.com.

Randi is all about collaboration, support and experiencing motherhood together as a community. On her website, Beyond Mom, she offers content, podcast, events and retreats for forward-thinking moms.

Her writing has appeared in Honest Company Blog, FitBump, Epoch Times and Well Rounded NY. She is also a certified yoga instructor through Laughing Lotus NY and has taught since 2008.

You will hear a down-to-earth and inspiring interview about what it takes to bring a vision to life and help other mothers find their own vision while being a mom, wife, and business owner.

In this podcast we talked about:

  • Randi’s past journey, which led her into what she does today
  • How she founded Beyond Mom
  • The importance of collaboration — how you can find collaboration and benefit from it, too
  • What process was for creating her book (and her partnership with another Empowered Publicity alumn, Nicola Kraus)
  • How she ensured her book was exposed to an audience

You can find Randi on beyondmom.com

Her twitter is @randizinn

She is on Facebook too – facebook.com/beyondmom