I’m excited to bring to you the co-founder and CEO of Socialfly, a social media and influencer marketing agency located in New York City, Stephanie Cartin. Socialfly focuses on developing social media marketing strategies designed to improve brand awareness, lead generation, and reputation management.

Stephanie and I drilled down to some best practices in social media, the dos and don’ts, and also what it means to put yourself out there personally as an advocate for something going on in your life. Stephanie has a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She’s very public with her journey around her illness and also in advocating for people who are struggling.

Stephanie is also a co-founder of the female entrepreneurial networking group Startup in Stilettos. She recently released her first book “Like, Love, Follow” designed to teach female entrepreneurs how to successfully use social media to grow their businesses.

In this podcast we talked about:

  • What Stephanie does for her career
  • Socialfly on a day to day basis
  • Mistakes being made by people who do their own social media
  • Stephanie gave tips on the process to go thru when putting together a strategy for your business brand
  • How to choose which social media platform to start
  • What does Socialfly offer differently in running successful media campaign for a brand
  • How writing her book “Like, Love, Follow” enhance her brand

You can find Stephanie Cartin on socialflyny.com.

Her Twitter is @Socialfly.

She is on Facebook too – facebook.com/Socialfly.