Suzi Istvan is a graphic & web designer and brand strategist who loves to work with handmade, hand lettered, crafty, and creative spirited small business owners through her creative agency called Splendidly Curious.

With over a decade in branding and marketing experience, working behind the scenes of nonprofits, corporate companies, small businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, Suzi is passionate about helping creatives get their work into the world and into the hands of their ideal clients so they can thrive in business.

She is also the Founder of The Nourished Creative Collective, an online mastermind, mentorship, and community for creative professionals who want to find connection, stay inspired, fight burnout, and grow their amazing brands.

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In this podcast we talked about:

  • What is Suzi’s business expertise
  • What kind of pitfalls have the businesses that Suzi worked with had fallen into
  • How do creatives show up for their work
  • How does Suzi market her business and how do her clients find her
  • Suzi gives us tips on how to build trust with clients
  • How does Suzi decide which events to attend herself
  • What is next for Suzi in terms of visibility and putting herself out there


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