I’m excited to bring you a conversation with Sylvie Di Giusto

Sylvie is a professional keynote speaker, corporate trainer and image consultant and founder of International Image Consulting.

She uses her multi-cultural background to work with leaders from around the world who place great importance on themselves and their reputation.

She has also worked with every strata of management from CEOs to young executives, which made her familiar with the typical challenges that professionals and companies face in their workplace.

Having spent years observing and influencing people’s career paths, she learned that it’s better to craft the way others are going to perceive you, rather than to sit back and hope it’s going to be in a great way.

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Sylvie and I talk about:

  • Her business journey and how she started as an image consultant
  • Her corporate experience that made her realize her turning point and made her venture into business
  • What does your image tells the world
  • How Executive Image Consulting can help revamp one’s image
  • What’s next for Sylvie

If you want to find out more about Sylvie Di Giusto you can check her out at  www.executive-image-consulting.com

She’s also on social media – @ExecutiveImageConsulting for Facebook, @sylviedigiusto for Twitter.