I’m excited to bring you a new feature of the podcast called Behind The Placement. 

These will be solo shows, where I take a deep dive behind the placement.

This week, I’m talking about one of my favorite clients, Leanne Shear of Uplift, which is an all-female fitness studio, where she is coalescing a community of all women to support each other.

We got a placement in Women@Forbes.

I’m taking you behind the scenes of that placement to let you know how that all came about and I’m really excited about this new feature that will be coming to you on a regular basis.

I also want to let you know about an upcoming exciting opportunity!

You can go to amandaberlin.com/challenge. For seven days in this free challenge, I guide you through finding the outlets that are right for you – the contacts, the right people to reach out to, and the story angles that are going to resonate with those people. We’re going to write your pitch together and craft it like an expert. Then we send it out and follow up with confidence.

In this podcast, I discuss:

  • Who is Leanne and what she does
  • How to make your pitch not sound and look like a pitch
  • How she did her pitch outreach
  • And much more!