Cassie Parks actually pitched me to come on the podcast upon the launch of her latest book, Manifest $10,000 which hits bookstores in May of 2017. I knew very little about her when she came on the show, beyond the fact that she was strategically savvy and tenacious.

I was delighted to learn about her philosophy when it comes to money. I love talking about money — let’s talk about it more freely! And how deliberate and thoughtful she’s been during her business evolution. (I admire people who aren’t impulsive…strange limiting belief about me: I think I’m impulsive, but I’m really not when I stop to think about it.)

With a lot of determination and planning, Cassie moved out a corporate job and became a coach. With evidence from her past that “leaping and the net appears” doesn’t work for her, she made investments and very thoughtfully and pragmatically built a foundation from which she felt comfortable leaping.

In this interview we talk about:

  • My skepticism around the Law of Attraction and how Cassie gets super practical on that.
  • Learning from your clients and lessons you can learn (and apply to your “system”) and how creating content serves you through a variety of efforts (because you’ve done all the hard work of creating that content already)
  • What it means to publish your book through a “hybrid” method, a cross between self- and traditional- publishing
  • What she’s doing to publicize this latest book launch

Give us a listen and let us know what you think. How do you repurpose your content?

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