Intuition is hot right now, right?  Let me tell you, I have gotten that creeping feeling that something is going to happen, sometimes it’s something specific, sometimes is just a feeling.

Do you ever use your intuition to make decisions? That’s when I love it, as well. When a direction is so clearly the “right” one…I just I can trust that feeling.

I first met Vanessa Codorniu about six months ago and I wanted to talk to her because I wanted someone to tell me what to do. (Sometimes we just need someone to step in and confirm our intuition, don’t we? And who better than intuitive?!)

Her style is so certain, yet so reflective and loving, I felt so heartened after our first conversation. I wanted more.

So, Vanessa falls into the same category as so many of my guests, I’m realizing. People I really love and admire in real life…who I really love and admire in business, too. (+ People I just want to talk to MORE!)

With more than 10,000 psychic intuitive sessions & with hundreds of students both in the US & Latin America, Vanessa is an acclaimed psychic intuitive, clinical hypnotherapist and international intuitive business coach. She is the founder of Intuitive Leverage™~ an 8 week intuition boot camp that gives structure to the invisible so you can make your sensitivity your greatest advantage in life & business! Awakened Soul Biz™- a 7 month journey for healers & intuitives wanting to create their soul-aligned success debuted in 2017.

This Argentine-American started doing readings at 16, became a professional intuitive at 22 and now guides conscious entrepreneurs who truly want to serve the world with their gifts.

In this episode:

  • How to niche in different ways to tailor your message for all kinds of media
  • Clarifying what makes you unique in a field that’s getting increasingly crowded
  • Talking yourself down from fears that are keeping you from moving forward by remembering the stakes really aren’t that high

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