Anna is a dear friend of mine, a prolific coach and a motivational force. She has managed to build a business that is truly driven by authenticity and by the desire to give people the tools they need to live a life that they are super proud of. For me, I see such an element of service running through her work and she is a wonderful spirit. She is the host of the Profit With Purpose podcast and she has been featured on, Marie Claire, Shape and Martha so she has managed to get a lot of coverage for her coaching business and has had explosive success with search. She was the number one result when searching for life coach New York.

Anna is an NYU CERTIFIED LIFE COACH. Anna earned her BA in Psychology at Penn State University where she also played on the Division 1 Varsity Tennis Team. Anna believes the answers are within you and when you’re asked the right questions, you discover the answers that align your actions with living your life’s purpose. Her mission is to empower people to live happier more fulfilling lives. Anna coaches people find and live their life’s purpose.

It took Anna a couple of years to bring her idea for her business into fruition. Mostly because she was trying to fit into the world and squeeze into that 9-5 way of life. Once she started listening to herself, she put up her website and started using some tools she had learned to promote herself and help people find her.

Having been an athlete at a high level, Anna was very familiar with concepts of visualizing herself with outcomes that she desires. Not only can she call on the belief that she can visualize the life she wants but she also believes that she can have it. When she started to really apply this to her life, things started to change.

Anna feels that one of the ways to activate this skill is to have a ritual or a prayer. She says you can do different things but having something to focus on that is positive and can help ground you to trusting yourself. One of her favorites is “May the light in me see the light in you.”

We chatted about what has helped her grow her practice. The great news is that she truly loves what she calls “the art” of coaching; asking questions about people and letting them learn about themselves. We also chatted about some of the ways she can start to truly put herself out there now and truly grow her business. I hope that you will listen to and enjoy this episode.

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