Shane Kulman believes she is here on this earth to empower and help women discover who they are, what they like and play with a sense of awe and creativity.

Her background is education and special education which gave her a sense of learning how to play by your own rules. The children had an idea of how they wanted to do things and refused to be restricted. This helped her tune into living more like these children who, surprisingly, were “difficult” to deal with. It also taught her that there was time for structure, and time for routine but that there was also times for total surrender and find the joy in life.

She eventually turned this into an ability to work with women to help them tap into their innate joy and wisdom in order to create, whether it’s a business, relationship or just passion in their life. Sometimes this means having women doing things that seem to make no sense but trusting themselves that will lead them to the next level.

In her business right now, Shane merges her skills as a therapist, parent coach, transformation coach and exotic dancer, to create sacred space for a woman’s mind, body and spirit to play and explore what this life has to offer. The practice of a woman gaining confidence through movement, while being guided to connect to her emotions, is how a woman learns to hear her deepest desires. It’s also how she connects to her wisest intuition. Shane guides Mothers and women towards living their best most turned on lives. She witnesses her clients transforming, and receiving exactly what they desire, having a family that thrives, AND women finding love, earning more money and having an overall life of ease, while knowing how to get through stressful times with skill.
She guides from deep intuition, her experiences and extensive formal and non formal education.

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