We begin today’s episode with a quote (complete with Paulina’s impersonation) from Zig Ziglar – “Yes, you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” “What does this have to do with PR?” you might ask. Well, today we are talking about how to get into the mindset of the media gatekeepers so that you can better understand their perspective.

Understanding the perspective of media gatekeepers allows you to do three things. First it allows you to think about what they want and how you can deliver that to them. Second it helps you know think clearly about whether or not your pitch is going to be something that they will want. If it’s not you can get to work on changing that. And third, when you are fully in the mindset of a media gatekeeper you will begin to see yourself getting some much sought after media coverage.

Listen to our episode today as we share our advice on how to start to think like someone who has the power to greenlight your story idea and help you get ink and air.

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