Nicole Antoinette is the host of the Real Talk Radio podcast, where people come together to talk about the wonderful mess of being human. A recovering self-help addict and former goal-setting coach, Nicole’s current projects explore how we can use grit and grace to close the gap between what we say we want and what we actually do.

This episode is super-sized but super special. Prolific blogger turned coach turned podcaster Nicole Antoinette joins us to talk about how she’s been able to do so much, live so originally, and create so authentically by doing things her own way.

What I found most inspiring — in the sense that it’s something I want to do more of in my own life — is Nicole’s ability to home in on choices that are aligned with her values and what she truly wants in life, and move, unapologetically, in that direction.

We talk about how Nicole “burned to ground” an eight-year-old blog and the business it birthed because it didn’t feel good to her anymore. Nicole tells us about how, in one form or another, she’s been sharing her personal stories online since the dawn of blogging. She talks about how she pivoted to find her passion in podcasting with her blockbuster Real Talk Radio podcast (listen to my episode here). She talks about how she embraced a new model to support her podcast that included acknowledging that what she is doing is art, and art needs to be supported by the community that consumes it.

Listen to our epic conversation. And, I apologize in advance, I was recording from a “remote location” (the quietest location at my in-laws small house packed with guests was the bathroom!!!) it was a little echoey. I hope it’s not too distracting.

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