Welcome to another episode of our PR Wednesday “Wins”day series where I jam with my colleague Paulina Brusca and we share our insider secrets on how to be successful when it comes to pitching the media.

After many, many years in the business, both working together and in separate companies, Paulina and I learned lots of lessons through trial and error that aren’t the most obvious when it comes to talking about how to go about securing publicity. But as we drill down and come up with ideas for these episodes, we started thinking of the times where we had successes and failures and what we learned from them that we could share with you.

So today we are talking about something very subtle that you might not think would have a big impact when it comes to getting yourself media placements, but we agreed that it was impactful when you get right down to it. The topic is “how to have a paradigm shift when it comes to pitching.” Many times when we are reaching out to the media we are unaware that we have a “needy” vibe that is unappealing in many areas of life like dating, job interviewing and certainly pitching. In this episode we talk about how to transform your vibe into one of confidence and enthusiasm as that will transmit to the people you are asking to give you air time or “ink” and encourage them to say “yes” to your ideas.

And while you can certainly fake it till you make it, there are real reasons to be confidently self-promotional when you are pitching. For starters, the MEDIA DOES NEED YOU (assuming you’ve done your homework and have something of value to share).

Listen in to this episode to get some tips from us on how to shift your perspective to one that is positive and confident and learn how to take a leap forward in the way you are putting yourself out there. We’d love to hear your comments on this topic.

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