Portia R. Jackson is a rocket scientist turned online business strategist for corporate women wanting to start and grow their online business. Her love of bulletpoints, systems, and laughter practically started at birth and has propelled her through getting a PhD, marriage and being a mother of two.

After growing extremely bored in her engineering job, Portia’s journey actually began when she Googled “how do you make $5 million.” Following that she was led to a variety of online experts and she completely taught herself how to have a successful online business. Following the initial success of her business, she says that people people kept asking her how she was being so successful and that led her to becoming a business coach which she says she absolutely loves.

As with many of us Portia did have to assess all the things that she loves (including teaching and helping people determine a goal and figuring out how to break down the steps necessary to reach it) and get to the sweet spot for her professionally.

She seems to have mastered the “B” word which is balance between the business and her family life. I know personally that she is an incredibly driven person and hard worker. She states that it starts by asking yourself what kind of life you want to live and how are you going to get there. Portia most certainly has a personal improvement mindset that she has blended with a very analytical, engineering brain.

Something she stated that I love is that she learned to “let go of the end result” and realizing that what you go through is not failure but FEEDBACK. Every step of her journey she has learned to be analytical about her feedback and learn from it and knowing how she can improve what she is doing. According to Portia, being an entrepreneur is about the best personal development course you can ever take. One of the secrets of her success is to focus on changing the part of her brain that is subconscious and making sure she is holding beliefs that drive her towards winning.

When it comes to gaining awareness to her business, she started with getting attention by social media for her podcast. She was smart about bringing guests on that helped her build her community. Listen to this episode to learn how savvy Portia is about leveraging opportunities and other communities to build her own. We discussed other ways that she has already built publicity for her business and how she can do more moving forward.

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