Courtney Daniel is a nationally recognized American Small Business Champion and United States Postal Service Postmark winner. Her experience as a Celebrity Personal Assistant and love for design has afforded her the opportunity to work with some of the top names in the industry. She works with elite professionals who understand that staying connected with via handwritten messages is important to creating lifelong memories.

Courtney’s clients generally reach out to her when they feel the need to stay connected or want to reach out to their clients and let them know how they are feeling. She tries to incorporate her client’s personality into the final design. This is of course so different than how we are generally communicating today. She also takes care of the handwriting aspect of the message for the client if they need that.

Before this Courtney was working as a personal assistant which is where one of her “aha” moments came. She was able to fulfill their handwritten message needs and then she decided to take that idea and run with it. Generally whenever she sent a handwritten message to those her employer’s were trying to nurture relationships with, they would receive a phone call. She feels that her role helped her employers at the time look good.

Courtney went back even further and shared that her journey here really began when she moved as a teenager and maintained pen-pal relationships with her friends. Thus began her passion for handwritten communications. She truly feels that those relationships are different.

When we talked about how she has been able to get publicity to date, she shared with me that she learned a couple of secrets for pitching the media and stuck with those. She shared that she stuck with media outlets that she felt her ideal clients would be on. She also stated that when she won an award for her business through SCORE and Sam’s Club and the story of that went in print, it truly delivered her some major awareness.

We had a great conversation about how starting small can really help get coverage and how much local print coverage can help you out.

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