Adria DeCorte is a Clarity & Visibility Coach helping female coaches, creatives, and online entrepreneurs go from best-kept secret to go-to expert in their field so they can pull in their ideal clients and opportunities. Drawing on a design background in architecture and 9 years strategist experience as an ecologist turned health coach, she works with clients 1-1, in her Be-the-Expert Bootcamp, and through her #ClarityChallenge to uncover what sets them apart and take simple, deliberate actions to get known for it. She is a TEDx speaker, host of the Be-the-Expert Podcast, and her expert advice has been featured on the Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, and the Fox Morning News Las Vegas.

Adria is the perfect guest for me as she has not only gotten herself significant publicity but she also has her own podcast, which I am honored to say I have been a guest on.

As a “clarity junkie” she prides herself on helping people pull their own expertise out of themselves. Basically decoding the little details about themselves that make them perfect for what they are doing.

Like many entrepreneurs, Adria has had many shifts throughout her journey.  But as many of us have found, following her passion was when things started to light up for her.  And when she took a step back and asked herself “if I were to do a Public Service Message about myself what would it be?” things started to click into place for her.  She found that once she got clarity on herself, other people had an easier time sharing about her.

We had a wonderful conversation about the process of doing a TEDx talk and how much that helped her narrow down exactly what she was an expert in and how to get her voice out there.

If you want to get clarity on your own expertise, please be sure to get this wonderful piece of free content from Adria’s site.

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