Rachel Maskell is a mama, a wife, a creative entrepreneur, and unconventional liver of life. She has a podcast called #mumboss – a show dedicated to enhancing our super mama powers. In short, Rachel likes to say she is a voice for the modern mama.

As a listener of Rachel’s podcast, let me start off by saying she is one of my role models!

Both Rachel and her husband are entrepreneurs and through his work they get to travel a great deal. But Rachel did not let that stand in the way of getting her podcast done. Last season every one of her episodes were created while she was travelling using just her iPhone and iPad. She has been very careful as a mom and wife to make sure she still takes care of herself and do the things that make her happy. For example making sure she looks her best, puts her best foot forward and engages in random activities that she loves like going to music festivals.

One of the things moving around a lot has taught her is how to assess what we really need in our lives and what we don’t. She also has a great ability to navigate some complicated logistics and can pretty much get through any city with a child in tow. Becoming incredibly mobile she has had to learn how to be technically mobile and talked about how to make the most of the best apps that are available.

Rachel also shared her journey of owning her own website company and we talked about how building or revising a website is very much like creating publicity as you have to take a very deep look at what your business and messaging is.

Once she created her podcast she knew quickly that she was onto something but didn’t know where to take it. (There is an adorable pause in our interview while she tends to her daughter.) But once she figured out that Mamas everywhere are looking for answers to their questions, inspiration and encouragement she decided to find the Mamas who were the experts who could answer those questions and interview them.

One of her favorite episodes is the one on mom guilt with Kelly Brogan.  To listen to her podcast you can visit mumboss.com.

Listen in as we discuss how she can get the word out about her podcast and have more people listen to her wonderful content.

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