Kerry Morgan is a Holistic Living Consultant for Elite Entrepreneur & the 1%, teaching Daily Enhancement of Mindset, Focus and Awareness. She is the founder of 21st Century Blueprint, the modern way to Daily Self- Mastery & Wealth.

Kerry has always been an independent person and had to make her way through life and fend for herself. This has helped her grow into the person she has become and learned to have the confidence that she could get to where she needed to go. During a successful period of her life in the world of MMA and the entertainment business she realized she was suffering from panic and needed to make some changes that were going to take her in the direction of whatever it was that lit her up. But she did use what she learned in the MMA world to help people empower themselves.

When it came to her burning publicity questions, while Kerry has been having success with being a guest on lots of podcasts and some guest posting, she really wants to secure local television. We discussed some strategies and angles she could take to local shows that might work with those producers. We also brainstormed on some segment ideas.

Hope you will tune in to hear some of the ideas we came up with.

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