James Governale is the Community Manager for a new startup, called wellb, that recently launched in NYC. wellb is an online wellness marketplace that provides a one-stop shopping experience that enables clients to enjoy customized wellness sessions such as pilates, yoga, fitness, massage, meditation, acupuncture and much more.

As wellb’s Community Manager, James is committed to partnering with institutions that are creating more awareness and demand for wellness, while generating more work for a community of wellness providers. Through his work at wellb, he’s providing more exposure for these practitioners and healers to share their gifts and services.

Besides being in love with health, James is also in love with all that is happening with communications, the internet and allowing people to make connections. The difference in what James does is that the clients need to connect with practitioners in person but that the air space they are creating enhances those connections. wellb realizes that the practitioners are not really marketers, while they are certainly business people, but they do need assistance with getting the marketing tasks completed.

In this episode we talked about James professional journey as well as how he goes about his work today. He is a big fan of connecting with people in person and feel that coupled with online opportunities, practitioners can maximize their opportunities.

When we talked about his goals for publicity, he wants to do “authentic” outreach and marketing so that he can reach the right audience. While he does go to a lot of networking events, he knows that he needs to connect with more people faster. He has great interest in video and storytelling as a means to connect with people authentically and building an audience.

We discussed some ideas how he can better get the word out there in the near future and I hope you enjoy this episode and pick up some tips.

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